Sunday, January 13, 2008

Serious Threat to Produce Terminal

In Better times: pictures from the RIPS Archives of the Terminal taken in May, 1998. A corner of the Silver Top diner can be seen on the right of the lower picture.

It seems very likely that the Produce Terminal in Providence will be demolished very soon, perhaps within the coming week. The fate of the historic 1929 structure is in the hands of a State Judge, who will hold a hearing on Monday. The city of Providence has granted the owner, Carpionato Properties a demolition permit. This, despite an apparent agreement with the State to redevelop the property.

Once again we see the familar pattern: buy a property at a reduced price, promise whatever it takes, do nothing to secure the property for a year or two, and then demand a demoltion permit because the property has become "structurally unsound" . If necessary, get the Sunday and Midnight wrecking crew on the scene before the community can intervine.

We will see what happens here. I'm afraid it won't be good.

Here is the full story from the Friday Providence Journal.

Much more detail, pics and commentary at Art in Ruins.

And there is a great discussion going at Urban Planet.

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