Friday, October 30, 2009

Arnold Block in trouble?

The Arnold block on Washington street in downtown Providence is at risk. The building suffered a fire and little seems to be happening in the way of repairs. This distinctive building is a block wide but only about one room deep, and it conceals a parking lot. Were it to come down it would open up a hole in the street scape much larger than it's limited square footage might indicate.

in better days...

infestations of bad feng shui

The show at AS220 gets a review in the Providence Phoenix. Postcards from the Mohawk Valley gets a mention, positive or negative? you decide: "Erik Gould's hardcover collection of black-and-white photos Postcards of the Mohawk Valley documents war monuments and parking lots and sad small town main streets, infested with pawn shops and signs and bad feng shui."

Monday, October 5, 2009

Holly Ewald show at AS220

Open now at the AS220 Project Space in Providence:

Languages of the Land
New Installation by Holly Ewald ..... you don't want to miss it...

also showing: In Place Everywhere An Artist's book show

Our Mohawk Valley book is on view, check it out.